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January 19, 2017


EUCI has announced the ADMS & DERMS Conference on April 27-28, 2017 in Atlanta, GA.


This conference is meant for utility distribution management practitioners who have identified the need for upgrading their distribution management systems, outage management systems, and manage the distributed resources coming their way.


GridBright will be teaching a Pre-conference Workshop on April 26, 2017.


Advanced Distribution Management Systems and

Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems,

the Fundamentals, Past, Present and Future

  • Discuss industry trends driving ADMS and DERMS
  • Identify key questions being answered by industry leaders today
  • Explain key terminology used throughout the industry


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Recent News

GridBright to leverage ARPA-E GRID DATA Repository to support
integration of solar into the nation's electric grid.

February 14, 2017


GridBright, Inc. announced today that it is part of three of the thirteen projects selected for award negotiations by the DOE SunShot Initiative ENERGISE; a $30M program to support integration of solar energy into the nation's electric grid, while diversifying the nation's electricity sources and improving the reliability and security of the electric grid. 


The three projects represent collaborations among a large number of leading-edge companies including several utilities, technology vendors, national labs, consulting companies, and universities. In all three projects, GridBright will perform the role of Project Data Curator to assist in data collection, conversion, integration, management, and publication. This includes hosting a secure data collaboration platform to facilitate data sharing among the project teams, and preserving research results as open source data and software in the GRID DATA Repository.


Full Press Release

BetterGrids GRID DATA Respository released for User Acceptance Testing

January 5, 2017

Today, GridBright released the alpha version of our new "BetterGrids GRID DATA Repository", as part of the ARPA-E GRID DATA project to support research in grid optimization and modernization.


The Repository will contain some of the existing disparate grid data existing in the utility industry, future grid data developed by the grid research community.


User Acceptance Testing will commence in early February.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins the GridBright Board of Directors

November 1, 2016

GridBright is pleased to announce that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has joined the GridBright, Inc. Board of Directors.  


Mr. Kennedy is one of the world's foremost environmental attorneys and advocates.   He is a partner in and adviser to several of the world’s leading sustainability and renewable energy investment firms.


Full Bio

Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi joins GridBright to lead new Grid Interconnection practice

September 1, 2016

GridBright is pleased to announce that Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi has joined the GridBright team to lead our new Grid Interconnection Services practice.


Dariush has over 40 years of experience in the utility industry in the planning, design and operation of transmission and distribution grids, integration of renewable resources, and development and implementation of electricity markets.  He is a world-class expert in interconnection and integration of renewable and distributed resources in the transmission and distribution grid. 


Full Bio

Travis Rouillard joins GridBright as Chief Technology Officer

July 1, 2016

GridBright is pleased to announce that Travis Rouillard has joined the GridBright team as our Chief Technology Officer.


Travis has over twenty years of experience building and deploying utility software solutions.

Prior to GridBright, Travis has held senior roles at GE, Alstom, UISOL, and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).  He has led technical architecture, development, and integration of IT/OT systems at large utilities, small munis, regional transmission operators, wholesale trading firms, and retail energy services companies.


Full Bio

GridBright awarded ARPA-E grant to build GRID DATA Repository

January 15, 2016


The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $11 million in funding for seven new projects to test new options for optimal efficiency of the U.S. Electric Grid.


GridBright has been awarded a project to create an interactive and publicly available repository to store power system models, as well as other models developed by the engineering community. This collaborative repository will encourage a more accurate and comprehensive evaluation of emerging grid optimization tools, which will improve grid reliability and security while improving efficiency.


View the complete ARPA-E press release here.

OMS go-live at Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative

September 16, 2015


GridBright has completed final go-live of an advanced outage management system (OMS) for Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (MCEC).  GridBright led the MCEC project team from start to finish, and upgraded all functional and technical aspects of the system.


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