April 13, 2020

How to Create an Accurate Network Model and Dynamic State Data for an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

GridBright thought leaders highlight the importance of Distribution Systems State Estimation as an element of an ADMS

Current events spotlight the importance of ensuring the reliability and continuity of power grid services under extreme circumstances. Keeping grid operators and field crews safe and ready for any future contingency requires automation tools such as Advanced Distribution Management System (#ADMS) to maintain reliability. At the heart of modern ADMS is Distribution System State Estimation (DSSE), which provides accurate situational awareness to operators and field crews. Read insight from #GridBright thought leaders about the importance of DSSE as an element of an ADMS in April’s IEEE Smart Grid newsletter at https://smartgrid.ieee.org/newsletters/april-2020/how-to-create-an-accurate-network-model-and-dynamic-state-data-for-an-advanced-distribution-management-system-adms