June 12, 2017

Today, GridBright and CEATI published a new report on DER integration challenges and opportunities:
How Distributed Energy Resources are Impacting Utility Operations

A new report indicates that distributed energy resources will have an increasingly complex and widespread impact on utility operations as penetration grows. The report, Impacts of DER on Distribution Operations, is the result of a year-long collaborative research study by GridBright and CEATI International.

GridBright led the work effort, with support from CEATI and a number of utilities across the US and Canada.  The study identified the major impacts on distribution operations when integrating DERs, and developed appropriate solutions for each.  The solutions range from simple technology upgrades, to more dramatic system architecture and work process changes to support a transforming value chain where customers increasingly produce and sell their own energy.  The final 140-page report also provides utilities with a maturity model, a gap assessment framework, and a roadmap to guide DER operations strategies.

“Our research results provide a comprehensive DER integration framework that each utility can apply to its unique situation to identify the steps they should take to get better at managing DER,” said Alex Mogilevsky, the T&D Program Manager at CEATI. “We stand ready to collaborate with individual utilities who are interested in applying the framework.”

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