Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi to lead Grid Interconnection practice.

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Grid Interconnection & Integration

GridBright’s Grid Interconnection and Integration Services help renewable generation, storage, transmission, and load developers secure their grid interconnection, navigating the complex and region-specific grid interconnection processes at the transmission and distribution levels.

GridBright consultants have guided over 200 renewable generation clients with their projects through various stages of the full Grid interconnection lifecycle—spanning multiple electric Control Areas and ISOs in US, Canada, and Mexico.   These projects represent over 25GW of wind, solar, geothermal, storage capacity at the transmission and distribution levels.

The following GridBright Grid Interconnection & Integration Services are now available nation-wide:

  • Performing pre-application assessments, interconnection feasibility studies, and interconnection cost estimation as well as commercial viability economic studies;
  • Technical assessment based on available Hosting Capacity maps.
  • Preliminary design of project configuration, including the single line diagram;
  • Developing data sets used in the various models;
  • Preparing and submitting interconnection applications;
  • Reviewing study assumption and running parameters of system impact studies and facility studies;
  • Interpreting transmission owner/operators’ interconnection studies and costs;
  • Interpreting peak and off-peak deliverability assessments;
  • Protesting questionable study results with the transmission owner/operator and at regulatory bodies including FERC;
  • Assessing alternatives to the original interconnection design at the start or in response to various transmission operator studies;
  • Supporting the Generation Interconnection and Power Purchase Agreements negotiations;
  • Helping with transmission operator interface during project implementation such as the CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) process;
  • Interpreting and managing interactions with affected systems;
  • Managing material modification assessments (MMAs);
  • Managing transmission owner/operators’ staff relations and appeal processes; and
  • Assessing the interconnection risk and commercial viability of projects acquisitions.

We also perform power systems reliability and economic analysis, and design electricity market solutions.

Renewable & Storage Development Studies

GridBright supports studies of new renewable generation and storage development projects.

  • Technical Interconnection Studies
  • Renewable Generation Integration
  • Renewable Energy Management in Organized Markets
  • NERC Compliance
  • Energy Storage Management Strategies

Power Systems Reliability Analysis

GridBright performs power systems reliability analysis consulting for your development project.

  • Transmission planning and design
  • Power flow and optimal power flow studies
  • Voltage and transient stability studies
  • Short circuit analysis and relay coordination
  • Electromagnetic Transients (EMTP) studies

Electricity Market Consulting

GridBright provides consulting to markets and market participants, in the design and implementation of organized energy market solutions.

  • Transmission rights, congestion management and transmission pricing solutions
  • Energy and ancillary services, and auction solutions
  • Energy scheduling solutions
  • Demand response and distributed energy resource participation
  • Energy settlement, billing and clearing solution

We are the Specialists in Grid Management

GridBright is uniquely qualified to assist with your Grid Interconnection and Integration needs.  Our practice lead, Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi, has over 40  years of experience in the utility industry in the planning, design and operation of transmission and distribution grids, integration of renewable resources, and development and implementation of electricity markets.  He is a world-class expert in interconnection and integration of renewable and distributed resources in the transmission and distribution grid.

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