FERC Virtualization and Cloud Service NOI

June 23, 2020

GridBright submits comments supporting FERC’s notice of inquiry on virtualization cloud computing services.


GridBright, Inc. (“GridBright”) respectfully submits these comments in response to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC” or Commission”) Notice of Inquiry request for comments on Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services (“Notice”).

GridBright supports the Commission’s examination of this important and emerging area of computing support for the utility industry and its intent to establish a record for potential modifications to the CIP Reliability Standards. Through GridBright’s commercial services and two ARPA-E research projects, we have worked with industry, academia, research, and regulatory value chain participants specifically in the areas of the Notice’s focus. That experience informs our perspective, insights, and the following comments. Our comments are structured in themes that may cross one or more of the four areas of inquiry requested by the Commission.

Click to here to read Stephen Callahan’s  comments

Download your copy of GridBright comments FERC Docket No RM-20-8-000 (Final Posted).

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