GridBright’s Architecture for Long Interconnection Queues


Expediting the integration of vast amounts of renewable energy resources into the grid is a critical enabler for the Energy Transition


AIRIS - AI Renewable Interconnection Siting

The vision is to create a service that resembles the user experience for Google Maps or Zillow by incorporating GridBright’s interconnection engineering expertise into a user-friendly online service. Once developed, qualified developers and those who are performing POI analysis can quickly find the data they need, in standardized format, along with the security and confidentiality agreements in one place. This capability would significantly accelerate and improve the engineering analysis of the interconnection of renewable resources.

To enhance the user interface and experience, GridBright envisions easy-to-use software enabled by artificial intelligence specifically designed to automate the POI selection process from beginning to end while addressing all applicable regulatory compliance and cyber security requirements.



  • Optimized and faster integration of renewable resources thereby helping reduce greenhouse gases and improve energy security
  • Reduced risk of grid congestion and adverse impact on grid reliability by providing better and cheaper tools for grid interconnection planning
  • Reduced physical and cyber security risks to the grid

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GridBright’s Architecture for Long Interconnection Queues

by Dariush Shirmohammadi, EVP & Chief Engineer, GridBright

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