GridBright Releases Intelligent Grid Data Repository

July 30, 2018

Today, GridBright released an enhanced version of the BetterGrids Grid Data Repository with advanced new ‘Semantic Search’ features that enable grid researchers to find highly specific grid models for their research using simple English sentences.


The Grid Data Repository is an online library of grid models developed for the Department of Energy by GridBright. It was financed under an award from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), as part of the GRID DATA program to support new research in grid modernization. The Repository organizes data from disparate utility industry sources, public data generated by the grid research community, and new grid models being created under the ARPA‑E GRID DATA program by five project teams.

The new ‘Semantic Search‘ features leverage big data technologies to allow for more sophisticated and meaningful searches within the Repository. The Semantic Search engine uses machine intelligence to better understand the grid model contents, and natural language processing to translate simple English sentences into complex database queries.

“The Repository addresses the growing need for more realistic grid models in the public domain to support grid research and testing,” according to Ali Vojdani, President of BetterGrids. “Our new semantic features give researchers more ability to find exactly what they need for their specific area of research.”

The grid research community is actively working to modernize the electric grid to support the growth of renewable energy and improve grid resiliency. Advancements have been hindered by the lack of publicly available power system models that realistically represent current and evolving grid challenges. The ARPA-E GRID DATA project addresses this critical need.

“We thank all the organizations and volunteers who have contributed to the ongoing development and enhancement of the Repository, and look forward to continuing our collaboration in support of smart grid research and education,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., BetterGrids Director.

The Grid Data Repository can be reached from the website.

About BetterGrids | BetterGrids Foundation is a nonprofit organization set up to provide support for the Repository in a self-funding and self-governing manner. Over 50 organizations, including ARPA-E, GridBright, several universities, national labs, grid operators, and software vendors have contributed to the development of the Repository.  For more information visit

About the DOE ARPA-E GRID DATA Initiative | The GRID DATA program funds the development of large-scale, realistic, validated, and open-access power system network models. These models will have the detail required to allow the successful development and testing of transformational power system optimization and control algorithms. To learn more, visit

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