May 18th – IEEE Webinar about the GRID DATA Repository

April 28, 2018

Finding the Right Grid Model for Your Research in the GRID DATA Repository Using Big Data Semantic Search


May 18, 2018

This presentation described the Big Data technologies evaluated, selected, and deployed (e.g., a hybrid SQL/NOSQL graph database, JSON converters, semantic preprocessing), and included a live demo of the natural language search capability that researchers can use to find models of interest, by posing natural language queries such as:

  • Search for models with greater than 5,000 buses with over 10,000 miles of total line length of 69kV and above
  • Search for GridLab models that have over 10 PV loads on a single 4KV circuit

Presented by: Ali Vojdani, CEO, GridBright
IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Webinar Series

The IEEE Webinar recording is available here.

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