Private: Understanding DERMS – A new two-day workshop by Marcus Evans

November 6, 2018

Travis Rouillard will be conducting a special two-day DERMS workshop for Marcus Evans in Chicago, IL this summer.


Distributed Energy Resource Management for Utilities

Understanding the operational challenges of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the role of emerging DER Management Systems (DERMS)

With the demand for energy rising around the world, however the aging infrastructure for many regions is becoming more obsolete. With renewable energy sources and high power requirements, a decentralized power supply carries the risk of instability. The implementation of DER can alleviate these issues, by maintaining unified control and operation over and electrical system, and ensuing safe operation for all stakeholders.

This workshop will show delegates how a DER system establishes clarity in terms of responsibility and optimizes grid investments and operations.

  • The Impacts of Distributed Energy Resources on Utility Operations
  • Business Scenarios and Requirements
  • Emerging Technical Solutions
  • Utility Experiences with DERMS
  • Discussion of DER Operations Best-Practices

Summer 2019
Chicago, IL, United States of America

Learn more and register here.

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