Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi analyzed the draft California IRP to guide the development of CalWEA’s positions and proposals.


Analysis of California’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

About the Customer:

CalWEA is a non-profit corporation supported by members of the wind energy industry, including turbine manufacturers, project developers and owners, component suppliers, support contractors and others. CalWEA represents its members in California’s policy forums, seeking to encourage and support the production of electricity through the use of wind generators. More information at the CalWEA website.

Project Description & Benefits:

In 2017, the California Public Utilities Commission developed the first integrated resource plan required by SB350 (2016) with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the electric utility sector to targeted levels by 2030. GridBright analyzed the draft IRP from both technical and policy perspectives and guided the development of CalWEA’s positions and proposals.

Why GridBright:

“CalWEA has been relying on Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi of GridBright to address its technical needs over the last decade. He has always done a superb job for us. His engagement in the IRP process and his assistance to CalWEA in responding to it was no exception”.
Ms. Nancy Rader, CalWEA’s Executive Director

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