Building a Grid Data Repository


The Grid Data Repository was developed by GridBright through a grant from ARPA-E to support advanced grid research.


Grid Data Repository to Support Advanced Grid Research

About the Customer

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) accelerates the advancement of transformational energy technologies to enhance the economic and energy security of the United States by investing in high-potential, high-impact energy projects that are too early for the private sector. Launched in 2009, ARPA-E explores uncharted territories of energy technology to generate options for entirely new paths to create, store and use energy. Learn more at www.arpa-e.energy.gov.

Project Description and Benefits:

The Grid Data Repository is an online library of grid models that GridBright has developed for the ARPA-E to support new research in grid modernization. The Repository organizes data from disparate utility industry sources, public data generated by the grid research community, and new grid models being created under the ARPA-E GRID DATA program by five project teams. It addresses the growing need for more realistic grid models in the public domain to support grid research and testing. It can be accessed at BetterGrids.org.

Why GridBright:

“GridBright developed a production-grade Repository, created the support organization BetterGrids Foundation, Inc., engaged numerous community volunteers, and started supporting the research community, all in less than one year, and ahead of schedule.”

Dr. Alexandra von Meier, Director, BetterGrids Foundation