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The BetterGrids GRID DATA Repository

GridBright is leading a consortium to develop an open, standards-based grid model and software repository, with funding from the US Department of Energy ARPA-E GRID DATA program.  The consortium includes over 60 electric utilities, grid operators, national labs, universities, and industry software vendors.   The GRID DATA Repository will simplify grid data sharing, R&D collaboration, and results publication to facilitate research of new grid optimization and control algorithms.

Design and construction of the Repository started May 2016 with input from ARPA-E, grid researchers, and other industry stakeholders. The Repository is built entirely with open source software and is supported by industry volunteers.  It is expected to support more advanced research in grid modernization by enabling more comprehensive and transparent testing, as well as richer and more comprehensive research collaborations.

Critical Need

Several emerging trends, including the rapid growth of renewable generation and greater emphasis on improving grid efficiency and resiliency, will require changes in the way electricity is delivered from suppliers to consumers. This grid of the future requires advances in transmission and distribution system management with algorithms to control and optimize how power is transmitted and distributed on the grid. However, the development of these systems has been hindered because the research community lacks high-fidelity, public, large-scale power system models that realistically represent current and evolving grid characteristics. Due to security and privacy concerns, much of the real data needed to test and validate new tools and techniques is restricted. To help drive additional innovation in the electric power industry, there is a need for grid models that mimic the characteristics of the actual grid, but do not disclose sensitive information.


The GRID DATA Repository is expected to accelerate the development of new power system optimization algorithms by enabling more comprehensive and transparent testing. The new open-access, self-sustaining repository for the storage, annotation, and curation of power systems models will also enable richer and more comprehensive research collaborations. New grid optimization algorithms could increase the grid’s resiliency and flexibility, improving its security during extreme weather and other threats. Moreover, the Repository could enable greater integration of renewable electricity onto the grid, which would help reduce reliance on carbon-emitting, fossil fuel generation. Finally, the Repository could lead to greater efficiencies for grid operators and power generators and therefore help reduce operating costs.

Learn more about the GRID DATA Repository here.

Helping Researchers Manage Data

Publicly-funded grid research projects often require the research teams to design and execute effective plans for cyber security, open source software distribution, interoperability, and data management.  These plans must include strategies for data collection, integration, collaboration, publication, and preservation.  GridBright Project Data Curation Services provide the research community with powerful solutions to meet these requirements, leveraging the results of the GridBright GRID DATA Repository project funded by the DOE ARPA-E.  The solutions are already chosen in multiple recent R&D projects (see recent press).

Planning and Compliance

Identifying the digital data and software assets to be used or generated during the project.  Creating data management, collaboration, interoperability, cyber-security, software distribution, and results publication plans for those assets.  Ensuring projects comply with publicly-funded R&D project guidelines (DOE, NSF, EPIC, etc) and industry best-practices.

Secure Team Collaboration

Creating and managing Private GRID DATA Repository instances for project teams to securely share data and collaborate during the project.   GridBright provides setup, configuration, hosting, administration, operation, backup, and security for each Private Repository.

Grid Data Collection & Creation

Collecting grid models and data from project members and public sources, including those developed by the ARPA-E GRID DATA program.  Creating any needed synthetic models, simulation data, or testing scenarios that are unique to project needs.

Interoperability & Security

Identifying data exchange requirements and open interface risks.  Selecting interoperability methods, protocol standards, and security layers.  Assistance designing and building interface adapters and security frameworks.  Building and managing an integration testing platform and environment.  Conducting integration and penetration testing.

Results Publication

Identifying data and software assets to be released into public domain to support results validation and grant publication requirements.  Removing any personally identifiable, proprietary, confidential, or security sensitive information.  Adding search-friendly metadata.  Publishing in the GRID DATA Repository and/or cross referencing with other online publications.  Ongoing preservation of the data after the project concludes.

Private Repository Hosting Services

GridBright is providing Private Repository Hosting Services for project teams to securely share data and collaborate through the entire R&D project lifecycle.  These services extend the public GRID DATA Repository with additional value-added features for file-sharing and version-control, and creates a private cloud-hosted instance for the exclusive use of the research project team.  GridBright provides setup, configuration, hosting, administration, operation, backup, and security for each Private Repository.

We are the Specialists in Grid Management

GridBright is uniquely qualified to assist with your Project Data Curation needs.  Our consultants have a minimum 15 years of experience with utility software research and development.   We have hands-on experience building, deploying, and integrating the leading grid management applications.  We have established an impeccable record of client satisfaction.  We deliver services on-time and on-budget to utilities of all sizes.

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