Travis Rouillard joins as Chief Technology Officer

July 1, 2016

GridBright is pleased to announce that Travis Rouillard has joined the GridBright team as our Chief Technology Officer.


Travis Rouillard is the Chief Technology Officer of GridBright. He has over twenty years of experience building and deploying utility software solutions.

Prior to GridBright, Travis has held senior roles at GE, Alstom, UISOL, and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).  He has led technical architecture, development, and integration of IT/OT systems at large utilities, small munis, regional transmission operators, wholesale trading firms, and retail energy services companies.

For much of the last decade, he has specialized in solutions for Distributed Energy Resources Management (DERMS).  In his prior role at Alstom (now GE), he was the global product manager for Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources solutions. He was also the global product manager for Market Management Systems (MMS), a product line which handles trading, clearing, settlement, and analytics for some of the world’s largest electricity market operators.  He has deployed highly-distributed, real-time, middleware solutions for trading and risk management at PG&E, Ernst& Young, and Bank of America.

Travis has an MBA from St Mary’s and a BS in computer science from UC San Diego.

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