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GridBright specializes in the secure integration of Grid systems for Grid Modernization. GridBright’s deep capabilities help electric utilities improve grid operations through smarter solutions for improving reliability and resiliency while managing expanding distributed resources and renewables. Our strategies and roadmaps animate your Grid Modernization program through actionable plans built on realistic and defensible experience and support program governance in front of regulators, stakeholders, and enterprise management. They define “how” your Grid Modernization implementation will comprehensively address your future technology, processes, and organization.

Leveraging your roadmap, GridBright experts can help create the business case for your Grid Modernization strategy addressing the core areas of successful business cases such as:

  • What systems, processes, and data are required?
  • What marketplace technology and service options are available?
  • What are the best technology, integration, and cybersecurity architecture for implementation?
  • What are the required change management, training, and process changes for success?
  • What are my risks, and how do I mitigate them?

GridBright has extensive experience completing a competitive Request-for-Proposal (RFP) process with leading vendors to evaluate and select Grid Modernization solution providers.



GridBright helps electric utilities implement and integrate distribution operations and emergency response systems. We have deep expertise in integrating across boundaries between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems for a broad range of utility systems, including Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Meter Data Management (MDM), Outage Management (OMS), Distribution Management System (DMS), Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM), Customer Information (CIS), and Geographic Information (GIS).

GridBright has experience with the process, technology, and data of system integration, including the design and implementation of Multi-zoned IT and OT Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), implementation of Complex Event Processing (CEP) tools for event filtering between IT and OT systems, and integration design utilizing interoperability standards such as Common Information Model (CIM) and MultiSpeak.

Our implementation and integration services span the complete life cycle of complex system implementation, including:

  • Business Requirements and Process Redesign—Defining business requirements, developing system Use Cases, and redesigning business processes from current to future state
  • Architecture and Design—Designing complete solutions for modules such as Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) and FLISR. Leading SCADA and Distribution Automation planning and design
  • Data—Providing data readiness assessments and audits. Supporting grid model building and testbed creation, including modeling DERs and renewables in ADMS
  • Systems Integration—Integrating the ADMS with all related systems and applications
  • Analytics—Providing consulting on using analytics to supplement, enhance and leverage ADMS functions. Designing reliability improvement programs using ADMS modules and data
  • Project Management—Managing the lifecycle of your ADMS project end-to-end
  • Quality Assurance—Creating test environments, test data, and test applications
  • Cyber Security—Designing options implementing an ADMS, associated communications, and integration in a secure manner



ADMS Data Preparation
Your ADMS strategy’s success is dependent on data, and 40% of the required data is likely missing, wrong, or incomplete. Addressing this shortfall is key to required economic, regulatory, and technological risk mitigation. Regardless of where you are on your ADMS journey, our grid management strategic consulting services can help you develop the right approach for getting your data ready for ADMS implementation.

GridBright’s grid management specialists help utilities get their data “ADMS ready” following an experienced-based, metrics-driven, and field-proven methodology that arrives at a clear and actionable approach to data preparation, including:

  • Is my data sufficiently accurate, current, and consistent?
  • How is the evolution of my data source systems integrated with my ADMS implementation plan?
  • What “no regrets” actions can be taken now to improve the management of my data to mitigate?

ADMS Training Services
GridBright provides onsite educational training courses on Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) tailored to the needs of a specific utility. This is a highly efficient way to get a new grid modernization or ADMS/DERMS team up to speed on the current state of the industry trends and future direction of these critical technologies, and how to prepare for their implementation.

We have taught ADMS and DERMS training courses for over a decade and deeply understand the ADMS & DERMS marketplace and vendors. Our staff is world-class subject matter experts on ADMS, DERMS, and grid modernization with hands-on experience with building, deploying and integrating ADMS & DERMS packages. The course will be customized to your specific needs and can be delivered anywhere from one to three days.




GridBright helps to successfully implement Outage Management systems (OMS) projects for large and small utilities, MUNIs, and Cooperatives, improving grid operation and reliability. Complementing our OMS experience is expertise in Distribution Management Systems (DMS), SCADA, and EMS. We also support the creation of website outage maps and outbound outage notifications to the public and regulators.

We have worked with OMS products from multiple vendors, including Oracle, Alstom, CGI, and ACS, and have executive relationships with others such as OSI, ABB, Schneider, and Trimble. Each of our consultants has a minimum of 15 years of experience with OMS software. Collectively they have been involved with more than 45 OMS implementations and upgrades around the globe. Four of our senior associates have been working with the Oracle NMS product since its inception at CES, the company that initially developed the Oracle OMS software. Some were among the founders of CES. They have a long history of working with various OMS vendor business unit support, development, and services.


GridBright helps electric utilities improve grid operations through smarter solutions for managing resiliency, distributed resources, and renewables. The utility business is changing, and new and existing investments in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) need to be “future-proofed” to survive this transformation in the industry. GridBright consultants are working at the forefront of renewables, grid optimization, and grid reliability changes. We specialize in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and have hands-on experience with products from multiple ADMS vendors, including ABB, GE, Oracle, CGI, and ACS.

Our extensive expertise includes ADMS services, including:

  • Business processes assessment
  • Technology assessment & roadmap planning
  • The business case for a new implementation, upgrades, or switching ADMS vendors
  • Business process redesign to support a new ADMS implementation, migration or upgrade
  • ADMS procurement, including RFI/RFP preparation, vendor selection, and negotiations
  • Consulting regarding new processes and technologies, including:
    • Integration of ADMS with other systems
    • Modeling of DERs and renewables in ADMS and the integration of DERMS
    • Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) measurement and verification of results
    • Use of analytics to supplement, enhance and leverage ADMS functions
    • Website outage maps & outbound outage notifications to the public and regulators
    • Estimated Restoration Time calculations, metrics, and management
    • Damage assessment tools, setting up storm centers, storm drills, and storm training
    • Harmonizing restoration processes with Incident Command System

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) profoundly impact modern grid operations. For example, renewable wind and solar generation are supplanting traditional central power plants while creating network congestion at the distribution level. In addition, rooftop solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, and microgrids can dramatically alter customer load patterns and undermine tariff cost recovery. At the same time, utilities can use these new resources as non-wires-based alternatives to improve grid carrying capacity, power quality, reliability, and legacy asset lifecycles. As a result, many vendors are now offering DERMS and Advanced Distribution Management (ADMS) software to support the integration of DER.

We have world-class subject matter experts on DERMS, ADMS, and grid modernization with hands-on experience building, deploying and integrating DERMS packages. We have a comprehensive framework for integrating DER derived from extensive R&D in the DER space with deep familiarity with the DERMS marketplace and vendors. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) provide customized training and consulting on emerging operational issues, processes, and solutions for DER Registration, Modeling, Forecasting, Optimization, Dispatching, and Measurement & Verification.


Today’s utility emergency management process must address new types of incidents such as wildfires, cyber security breaches, and pandemics. Extreme weather incidents also increase in frequency, and the adverse effects can be devastating. Without adequate planning and training, a utility’s incident response can fail, stall, or become overwhelming. We help implement new processes and technology upgrades enabling a utility to establish repeatable procedures to respond safely, efficiently, and in a manner that increases resiliency.

We have world-class subject matter experts on grid operations who have direct experience managing significant incidents for utilities, including setting up storm centers. Our staff includes systems integrators and software product managers for emergency management, damage assessment, OMS, and ADMS solutions and are knowledgeable of the marketplace and vendors. We have the expertise to evaluate current practices and to recommend how to apply utility best processes to each unique utility.

Areas of GridBright EM expertise include:

  • Practice Assessment—Reviewing your existing documentation and evaluating your current approach through stakeholder workshops, mapping out the responsibilities by role
  • Technology Assessment—Reviewing your application of emergency management technology, systems interfaces, and data quality to support efficient work processes
  • Process Improvements: Present industry best practices on applying an incident command structure for utility-specific workflows. Recommend a future approach for incident management. Ensure processes meet compliance for the state, local, or commission governance.
  • Change Management: Consult on organizational change management to embrace new expectations and create buy-in from your employees. Assist with utility-led instruction on roles, duties, and expectations during major events.
  • Post Event Evaluation: Moderate and guide post-incident analysis to validate how the documented process was applied. Determine where adjustments should be made.
  • Strategies, Roadmaps, and Business Cases: Create multi-year roadmap and business cases that bridge the gap from your current state to a technology-aided future state.


GridBright is an industry leader in implementations of outage management, advanced distribution management and distributed energy resource management systems. We have extensive expertise and experience in the utility space. Below are some of our recent projects, organized by service type.


Recent Projects

Implementing Oracle NMS at Colquitt EMC

GridBright completes Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) implementation at Colquitt EMC, extending the reach of full-featured utility network management solutions at a cost COOPs can afford.

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Client Testimonials

“This new system will help us support our renewable energy goals through more efficient use of grid assets and new customer participation programs. In addition, it will enhance grid reliability, resilience and safety by giving our grid operators more modern tools in the control room.”

Ron Cox, Hawaiian Electric Companies

“GridBright was great to work with. They worked with us to lower costs and coordinate the complex elements of the project.”

Jason Satterwhite, Rappahannock Electric COOP

“The STORM tool has already proved itself by proactively identifying subway supply issues before they caused service interruptions. GridBright’s assistance in developing this tool on time and on budget is helping Con Edison deliver value to our customers and all users of the subway.”

Thomas Langlois, Con Edison


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